Visuals and text : Paul Nurk

Video poem competition of La Factorie is back with renewed momentum, and all sails set to discover the yet uncharted seas (and rivers) of film and poetry. 

 In our 3rd year, we welcome once again all to send their creation: directors, poets, young and old, grandmasters and those who are just on course to take their first steps, but all who the inspiring arrow of a muse has caught.

The only thing that matters is for the film to be centred around a poem, but the way to convey it rests in the hands of the authors: be it by voice, image, body, dance, a strip of film or the line of a pencil. 

To spark your imagination, the theme of this year is « Singing of the rivers », but it is not obligatory to make use of it.

The winner will receive the award Prix du Meilleur Vidéo-Poème and prize money of 500 euros. The award-giving ceremony and the screening of best films will take place on May 26, at the opening of the poetry festival POESIA.



The winner was chosen from the official selection by the poet-residents of the 2022/2023 season. Our sincerest gratitude goes to

Julia Lepère, Manon Basille, Christine Van Acker, Thibault Marthouret, Patrick Dubost, Myriam OH, Stéphanie Lemonnier, Guylaine Monnier, Mélanie Leblanc, Marine Riguet, Antoine Mouton, Julie Cayeux and Hortense Raynal


Official selection 

First of all a big thank you to all those who sent their video poems to us.

The 272 qualifying entries from 73 countries continued to surprise us and what beautiful discoveries were made. Even more so, 340 pupils from local schools got the chance to watch some of them during immersion days – events that introduce the youth to poetry.

And after many late thoughtful nights, the official selection is before your eyes. We invite you to discover :


« may night be » by Miel Pagès

Special Prize

 « dragon egg » by Akari Sōma


« Iris and Red Columbine «  by Clémence Foulard

« Guiris » by Ana Rocío Jouli and Luisina Girelli

« Unnamed poem » by Xintong Chen

« Knot » by Elizaveta Mozaleva

« Black skin [Ngozi Nyeusi] » by Joe-Francis Kiaga

« Return » by Raluca Popa and Simona Nastac

« Aquarelle » by Stanka Gjuric

« potassium cyanide » by Allabhya Ghosh

« I am from here » by Charlotte Chicot and Yurim Moon

« In the Broken Eye of the Butterfly » by Justin Brown and Vera Hector

« Kefi » by Mohammed Abbas

« eeeeeeeeee_eeeeeeeeee_eeeeeeeeee_ » by Guillaume Marin and Ariane Caron-Lacoste

« Fortified plaster’s mouth » by Annabelle Verhaeghe


Take a look at some of the films from the official selection

que nuit soit (may night be)

Miel Pagès  France • 2021

Dragon egg

Akari Sōma  Japan • 2023


Guillaume Marin and Ariane Caron-Lacoste  Canada • 2023

Competition schedule

The submission form for films closes

April 1, 2023

The authors of the films will be notified about the preselection results by, at the latest,

May 1, 2023

Screening of the selected films and award ceremony at the opening of the festival POESIA

May 26, 2023

For any questions – or just to share your thoughts on video poems – feel free to write to the following email address!

A word of thanks 

I would like to thank once again all the people who brought the competition to life!
Until next time!
Paul Nurk

Mari Kivi for her advice
The organiser of animation film festival Animist

The entire team of La Factorie for their various and abundant help
Jérôme Revel, Marie Gautier, Patrick Verschueren, Juli Roch, Alice Chappaz, 
Bertrand Geslin, Julie Le Meur, Charlène Damour, Lila Mercier, Béatrice Beaucourt

Eva Toulouze, Pali Chouquet, Charles Delaporte & Casey O’Day, Lotta Karu
for the translations

Õnne Paulus for the trophies 
Estonian Academy of Arts